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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

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Select the right person, trainer, and transporter. We constantly absorb and cultivate excellent talents with both ability and political integrity, and provide good talents. Growth platform. We look for people with action, thinking, and influence. We need people who have the responsibility, the words and deeds, and the people who serve them wholeheartedly to achieve a win-win situation for employees, customers, investors and partners.

Employees are our most competitive core strength and most valuable asset. We respect humanity, respect employees, provide employees with a development platform that can create a career, and Inamori's philosophy training system. We implement a management system that creates a happy and harmonious family. We rely on this concept to attract the best talents in the industry to join.

1. Company motto: In order to live, we must work hard; in order to be happy, we must correct ourselves.

2, three: consensus, sharing, sharing

3, three dare: dare to dream, dare to think, dare to do

4, five good: keep your heart, say good things, do good deeds, read good books, be good people

5, five rituals: Indecent, do not see, be ignorant, indecent, indecent assault

6, eight virtues and eight things: filial piety, loyalty and honesty, Ge Zhicheng, repair Qi Zhiping

7, five commitments:
     1) Value: Thoughtful and moral, become a person with both ability and political integrity;
     2) Mission:Grate for grace and become a person who contributes to society;
     3) Responsibility: filial piety to become a responsible person;
     4)Crisis: If you don’t advance, you will become a person who is always hardworking and eager to learn;
     5) role model: is already a person, becoming a respectable person.

8. Employing the principle: The ability is on, the mediocrity, the Pinger.


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