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Company history

Company history

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  • 2014year

    The State Key Engineering Center was established.

  • 2012year

    The Southwest Office of Huizhou Weijia Chemical Co., Ltd. has been completed and put into operation.

  • 2011year

    Establishment of Wuhan Office

  • 2010year

    The company began to promote Chinese traditional culture

  • 2009year

    Shenzhen Weiteeven New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded, Huizhou Weijia Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded, and Huizhou Weijia Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded.

  • 2008year

    The company holds the 10th anniversary celebration, establishes the Industry-University-Research alliance with Beijing Corporation University of Technology, and is recognized by the state-level high-tech enterprises.

  • 2007year

    Establishment of Tin Material Factory

  • 2006year

    Establishment of Beijing Office

  • 2004year

    In April, the foundations of Weiteduo Industrial Park were laid, the Fuzhou office was established in July, and the Dongguan office was established in November.

  • 2002year

    Establishment of Zhongshan Office, Qingdao Office and Weijia Solder Factory

  • 2001year

    Establishment of Suzhou Weiteduo Electronic Material Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 1999year

    Establishment of Zhongli De Electronics Factory and Xiamen Branch

  • 1998year

    Shenzhen Weiteeven Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was founded

  • 1995year

    Establishment of prestige chemical industry


  • patented product

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    Strong R&D and innovation capability

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    Gree, ZTE and Foxconn

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