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company culture

company culture

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Business philosophy


Company Vision:With traditional culture and six excellent advances as the link, the salary system as the support, the four-oriented construction as the guarantee, the Amoeba management as the foothold, on the platform of unified values, the employees' spiritual civilization and material civilization are harvested.

Our mission:Become the world's best solution for electronic soldering materials

Our core values:Grateful return

Our philosophy:Chinese excellent traditional culture

Filial piety culture


Filial piety is the basic element of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the basis for the formation of Chinese character. There are clouds in the filial piety: the filial piety, the virtue of the sorrow, the sacredness of the teaching, the filial piety is the root of everything, the filial piety is opened, the hundred goodness is opened, the ethics is the first, and one person will not let the filial piety Parents care for themselves, so they will take care of their own bodies, and have a good relationship with their husbands and daughters. They will educate future generations and work hard. Do a good job of doing everything, and be careful to let parents do it for themselves. shame. Therefore, the company selects talents with filial piety and conduct as the standard. After entering the company, filial piety education is the main line of corporate culture. Regular training of all members of traditional culture is carried out to tell the family how to filial parents, get along with each other, educate children, and live for others. Around the Lantern Festival, the company will hold a 7-day closed course for middle and high-level learning traditional culture, so that the company's management will be educated first, and the next effect will affect the employees; monthly employees will be given a collective birthday party to remind the family that the birthday is the mother. On Good Friday, remember to be grateful to your parents and collectively give your parents a big gift. On Mother's Day or some special events, the company will invite employees to the company to go through the various gratitude links, including washing their feet for parents. Write letters, etc., to inspire the filial piety of employees, so that parents can feel gratified. Every year during the Spring Festival, the company’s heads of the company will write a thank-you letter to the parents and family members of the employees, and send the company’s 200 yuan filial piety to the parents to inspire and motivate the employees.

Healthy vegetarian


As people's health awareness rises, more and more people advocate vegetarian food. The vegetarian population is also younger. Vegetarianism is no longer a religion and dogma. Vegetarians do not have a sense of moral superiority. Choosing vegetarian food only chooses a eating habit that is good for their own health, respects other life, cares for the environment, and conforms to the laws of nature. Vegetarianism has gradually become compatible. The lifestyle of the times. Relevant information indicates that people who have been vegetarian for a long time have twice the anti-tumor energy of white ball in their body than those who eat meat for a long time. They suffer from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, gout, arthritis, renal failure, and brain dementia. The ratio is also lower than that of ordinary people, which can improve the body's immunity. Since the introduction of traditional culture in the month, the company has realized the importance of healthy eating, decided to be vegetarian in all employees, and promoted a vegetarian health culture. Vegetarianism not only brings us a healthy body, but also cultivates our compassion. Everything has life, and every life deserves to be respected and cherished.

Comprehend life, Xiaogan parents


In order to enrich the children's summer life, the company organizes a 15-day “Parent-child Summer Camp” for employees' families and partners every summer. The courses mainly include reading the classics, filial piety, regular rituals, moral education stories, clearing women, and clearing men. , depicting red, sharing, labor, games, and intellectual activities to make children more rational, understanding, and how to manage their own self, let the children experience the heart of their parents, and open their filial piety, love, respect, and future Socially useful talent.


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