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Welding solution center

Welding solution center

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R & D technical strength


The company's R&D center has been certified as a national engineering center to provide testing services and technical support to the entire domestic electronics industry while meeting the company's own development.
The company has strong technical strength and advanced technology and equipment. Always keep in mind that R&D is the winning trump card. It is invested in R&D of future products and continuous improvement of existing products with an output value of at least 5% per year. Independent intellectual property supporting products. The company has Japanese, European and American professional professors, senior engineers and other research and development personnel, as well as a sound information resource center and a good working environment, and Beijing University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, Guangzhou Electronics Five and other domestic well-known institutions and Cooperation with scientific research institutions.


Advanced testing equipment


Relying on the financial support of the government, the company has invested more than 30 million yuan to introduce a number of high-tech, sophisticated and sophisticated R&D testing equipment, trained a group of highly efficient and professional technical personnel, and built a first-class electronic welding material research, development and testing service platform. The construction of the platform not only greatly enhances the company's research and development strength, but also enhances product quality control and control capabilities. It also provides customers with comprehensive technical support and testing services.


Ray fluorescence spectrometer