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Zero-halogen solder paste

Zero-halogen solder paste

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I. Product introduction

WTO-LF2000-WR/305-3B No-Clean Lead-Free Solder Paste, Highly Moisturizing, Solderability, High Reliability, Complete Halogen Free Cleaning Flux And the high-sphericity, low-oxygen content of Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 lead-free alloy powder, scientifically prepared. It meets the needs of lead-free soldering and is ideal for environmentally friendly, no-clean, lead-free solder pastes in conjunction with lead-free soldering processes.

Alloy composition: Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5
Powder particle size: Type 3 25-45μm

Second, product features

The flux system is scientifically selected. It is specially developed for lead-free solder (SnAgCu system) according to the soldering mechanism. It can effectively reduce the free energy of lead-free solder and reduce surface tension and improve melting. The flowability and solderability of molten lead-free solder. It has excellent continuous printing property, especially suitable for fine pitch printing, good off-molding moldability, strong adhesion and easy to collapse.
The reflow process window is wide, and excellent soldering results can be achieved in a wide reflow soldering temperature zone.
Excellent solderability, full solder on the solder joints, bright, strong tin-transparent, low soldering failure rate, especially the void rate is extremely low.
There is very little residue after welding, no cleaning, excellent ICT test performance, high surface insulation resistance and reliable electrical performance.
It does not contain environmentally-banned substances such as RoHS, and is an environmentally-friendly, no-clean, lead-free solder paste.

three, scope

This product can be used with bare copper, gold plate, tin plate, OSP and other surface-treated PCB boards and other lead-free solder alloy components, on computer motherboards, mobile phone motherboards, MP3, MP4, communication equipment, audio and video equipment, refrigeration equipment, vehicle equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment and other high-reliability, high-quality electronic appliances are widely used.
Fourth, operational safety tips
This product generates a small amount of volatile gas during the reflow process, so there should be ventilation during the reflow process to ensure that these gases do not diffuse in the work area. For more safety data, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this product.

Four, Application Guide

1, save and use
The product should be sealed and stored at 2-10 ° C with a shelf life of 6 months (from the date of production).
The solder paste should be removed from the freezer before use. Leave the bottle cap open and leave it at room temperature. To achieve full heat balance, it is recommended to have a warm-up time of at least 4 hours.
After returning to the temperature, the solder paste should be fully stirred by a manual or solder paste automixer for 1-3 minutes before use to fill the solder paste and solder alloy powder. Stir well evenly to avoid unevenness caused by storage. The specific mixing time should be determined according to factors such as stirring speed and ambient temperature.
Do not use used solder paste in the same container as unused solder paste. After the solder paste is opened, if there is any solder paste left in the jar, it should not be placed in the air. The lid should be tightened as soon as possible.

2, printing
The recommended printing parameters for the WTO-LF2000-WR/305-3B solder paste are as follows:
Scraper stainless steel scraper or polyurethane scraper
Printing speeds up to 100mm/sec
Temperature / humidity temperature 25 & plusmn; 5 ° C, relative humidity 50 & plusmn; 10%
Steel mesh life solder paste has a residence time of more than 8 hours in the template

3, Packing: 0.5kg / bottle, 10kg / box


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