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Technical points of solder wire for robot automatic welding

Technical points of solder wire for robot automatic welding

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The solder wire used for soldering electronic components is composed of a metal alloy and an auxiliary agent. The solder wire is soldered to the soldering iron to complete the welding. The soldering iron provides stable and continuous heat of fusion, and the solder wire is added to the electron as a filler. In the surface and gap of the components, the fixed electronic components become the main components of the solder. The composition of the solder wire is inseparable from the quality of the solder wire, which will affect the chemical properties, mechanical properties and physical properties of the solder wire.
Solder wire melting point


Commonly used solder wires are divided into lead solder wire and lead-free solder wire, and their specifications and melting points are different. Commonly used: lead solder wire Sn63Pb37 melting point is 183 degrees, tin-copper lead-free solder wire Sn99.3Cu0.7 melting point is 227 degrees, tin-silver-copper lead-free solder wire Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5 melting point is 217 degrees .
Solder wire production process



Robot welding wire for automatic welding

With the continuous development of the electronics industry, especially the rise of the microelectronics industry and Industry 4.0, robotic automatic soldering machines are becoming more and more popular as an excellent means of replacing manual soldering.


Especially in the last one or two years, as the Chinese population dividend has reached the turning point, the cost of labor in the factory is getting higher and higher. This kind of tool that can save people and improve efficiency is generally welcomed by factory owners. This solder wire is mainly used in the electronics industry.


For a craftsman, what kind of product is more suitable for robotic automatic soldering, this is a more profound thing. In general, any product that can be soldered by hand soldering iron is likely to be imported into automatic soldering. But there are also many misunderstandings here, that is, not every product is suitable for automatic soldering. So how do you distinguish them? Here are a few criteria for you to choose from:
(1) Whether the solder joint is suitable for soldering by hand soldering iron.
(2) Whether the components around the solder joint affect the space of automatic soldering.
(3) Whether the solder joint can be successfully welded at one time.
(4) The amount of heat absorbed by the solder joint.
(5) The size of the pad.
(6) The shape and spatial distribution of the solder joints.
(7) The batch size of the product.

What are the technical difficulties of manual VS?



How to choose solder wire


Look at the appearance: visual inspection, good tin wire should be smooth, shiny, no oxidation, blackening! (High-quality solder wire has a film protection to avoid oxidation.) The quality of the solder wire is generally brighter, and the dark solder wire has a higher lead content and is relatively less prone to melting. The color of a good solder wire is shiny (lead) or silvery (lead-free) instead of white.
Touch by hand: A good solder wire is white and shiny, it is not easy to apply to the hand by hand, but the tin wire with high lead content is black, and it is easy to black hand by hand! The ductility of tin is very good, and the higher the purity of the tin wire, the more difficult it is to break. Of course, the tin wire with a high tin content is very soft and is not a hard metal.
Wettability: judged from the properties of wetting properties. Lead-free solder wire is judged according to whether it meets ROHS standard, flux residue, halogen-free, and tin-on speed. Smoke, splash, residue, and brightness are also the criteria for judging the quality of solder wire.
Packing: Pay attention to the appearance of the solder wire package. Although the appearance of the package does not represent the quality, the solder wire produced by the regular manufacturer will have a corresponding detailed mark. If there is a quality problem, it can be better verified. In the product identification, the basic information of the solder wire such as tin content or degree, lead content, flux amount, melting point and package weight should be indicated.
Brand: Choosing a solder manufacturer is the best way to ensure quality. Therefore, we try to choose the big brand manufacturers to buy directly when purchasing. Victaulic is the first company in the industry to use real-time monitoring of rosin content in the production process to ensure that rosin continues to core. This technology has applied for a national invention patent, the patent number is: ZL201310388962. Continuous core solder wire is widely used in robotic automatic welding process, reducing the repair rate and greatly improving production efficiency. Victaulic can provide a variety of solder wire with rosin content (1.0~4.0%), wire diameter (0.1~3.0mm) and alloy composition.




Solder wire shelf life

Solder wire has a shelf life of two years, because there is a flux added between them. If it is not worried about the welding effect, it can be put for a long time, but its surface will be oxidized. Once it is oxidized, it will ignite the welding effect. How much to order, it is better to use it again.

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