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2017 is a hard year, what is the sleeve? How are you? How to do it?

2017 is a hard year, what is the sleeve? How are you? How to do it?

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At the beginning of the first month of 2017, the company started its work. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Liao Gaobing, the chairman of the company announced the company's four goals for 2017: management, regulation, cost and efficiency.

2017 is a hard-working year. President Xi called us to pick up our sleeves and cheer at the New Year symposium. So what is the sleeve? How are you? How to do it?

1, "Leave the sleeves" is an attitude
It’s better to say that it’s better to do it. It’s better to shout the scorpion. Picking up the sleeves is an attitude to prepare for a big one, and attitude determines the behavior. People who have stayed in the countryside know that when the people are ready to work in the fields, they must pick up their sleeves. Picking up the sleeves tells you to work hard and tells others that I have to start work! This is an attitude! What kind of fruit is what you have. Attitude is like a mirror, which side you face it, and it rewards you. At the same time, attitude is the forerunner of behavior, and what kind of attitude determines what kind of behavior you have. The ideal is far more ambitious, the goal is more specific, and there is no one entrepreneurial attitude. How can there be unremitting actions? Without persistent action, how can we hope to succeed? Therefore, 2017, the extraordinary attitude of starting from the establishment of "sleeves sleeves"

2, & ldquo; pick up the sleeves & rdquo; is a kind of respect
Do a line of love, a line, what to do. Picking up the sleeves is a respect for work and career. The value of life lies in dedication, happiness, and entrepreneurship. Only in this way can we talk about happiness and happiness. The mountain who looks at the mountain high will only sigh all day, and will only spend time in the complaint. Respecting your own business and loving your own work can continue to develop and succeed. Only when the peasants respect the land can they get a good harvest and smile; if the soldiers only respect the steel guns, they can take care of the homeland; only the teachers respect the platform, and the Taoli world can be fragrant; only the doctor respects the patient, can he reinvent the miracle …… Br /> No matter what profession we are in, as long as we respect, we can all harvest a success that belongs to us! Therefore, in 2017, it is extraordinary to start from respecting your own career!

3, & ldquo; pick up the sleeves & rdquo; is a kind of spirit
People do not have the spirit to stand, the state has no spirit is not strong, & ldquo; empty talk about the wrong country, do business with the state. Picking up your sleeves is a hard work. The 5,000-year-old civilization of China has created the excellent quality of the Chinese nation's humiliation and hard work. Today, when social values ​​are diversified, many of us are lost. Some people even take “shortcuts” and “fast food” as a creed of life, which is dangerous and does not work.
Everything in the world has been done. In the past, our party relied on one-on-one work and one step to victory. Now, our country relies on bit by bit to do it, and step by step toward national rejuvenation. The country is like this, as is a family and an individual. A family must be happy, a person must have development, no spirit, no faith is not acceptable.
Therefore, in 2017, it is extraordinary to start from building a spirit of hard work!

4, & ldquo; pick up the sleeves & rdquo; is a hope
Because I believe that tomorrow will be better, everyone has confidence in life and is willing to work hard. Picking up your sleeves is a hope for the future. It’s not because you love money more. It’s this life, I don’t want to be low because of money and who is down! I don't want to be embarrassed because of money! I only hope that when my parents are old, I can share the burden. When the child needs it, I will not be ashamed. Recently, I have a popular saying: "Without money, what do you take to maintain your affection and stabilize your love?" , contact your friendship, by mouth? Don't make trouble, everyone is very busy. ” What a real story. Give yourself, work hard, be powerless, and work hard to touch yourself! Splendid in the sun, strong in the wind and rain, the best three words are …… !

I hope that all the family members will take the spirit of hard work, peel off the skin, fight for heavy burdens, pick up their sleeves and work together to provide customers with high-quality products and services, and realize the five-year plan in advance.

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