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First, the product introduction
Victaulic flux is completely self-developed and has a number of national invention patents.

No-clean lead-free solder flux is a “national key new product”; no-clean lead-free solder flux, halogen-free low-solids water-based no-clean flux is the “National Torch Program”; Honor for the Innovation Award and the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Award.

The production process is fully automated and monitored in real time to ensure product stability and consistency. The products fully comply with international standards such as IPC and JIS.

Second, the flux characteristics
Electronic industry flux
The soldering industry of the electronics industry has high electrical insulation after soldering and has excellent electrical reliability. It is specially used in electronic assembly products.

Serial number

Product line


App range


Low solids flux series

Contains no rosin resin, minimal residue and high cleanliness

Superior ICT test performance

Highly clean electronic products such as computer motherboards, graphics cards, and communication devices


Medium solid flux series

High insulation resistance and reliable electrical performance

Uniform tin and good tin penetration

Solder joints are full and bright color

Power products, outdoor communication equipment, audio and video equipment, refrigeration equipment, household appliances, etc.


High solids flux series

Strong welding activity

Uniform and flat tin on large pads

High-power component pins are full of tin, with less tin.

PCBs and components that are heavily oxidized and difficult to solder


Water-based flux series

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly to humans and the environment

Not burning, safe to use

Communication equipment and products with high environmental protection and safety requirements


Halogen-free flux series

Completely halogen free, meeting EU halogen free requirements

Strong wetting force, good through-hole tin penetration

Electrical performance after welding is stable and reliable

Power products, computer motherboards, TV motherboards, communication equipment, audio and video equipment, refrigeration equipment, medical equipment, etc.


Matting flux series

Matte, not glaring

Forming a matte film on the surface of the solder joint after soldering

TV motherboard, DVD motherboard and solder joints and dense products


Solar industry flux
The solar industry flux has excellent solderability and good soldering performance. It is a product specially used in the solar photovoltaic industry.

Serial number

Product line


App range


Component Flux Series

Contains no rosin resin, 1.2% ultra low solids

High welding strength, no bad soldering, etc.

After welding, the solder strip and the surface of the battery are clean and free of residue.

Manual welding and automatic welding of components


Soldering flux flux series

Good welding performance, uniform and flat tin on the solder ribbon

No pinholes will appear

After welding, the surface of the soldering strip is clean and the residue is small.

Automatic tin plating of solder ribbon


Special industry flux

Serial number

Product line


App range


Cable Flux Series

The welding surface is smooth, full and shiny.

Very little residue after welding, no need to clean

Cables and welding surfaces are distributed in mesh, cylindrical, square and other shaped wires


Component Flux Series

Strong wetting force, fast tinning speed, uniform and flat

High electrical reliability after soldering

Lead plugs, electronic component pins, high power supply pins tinned


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