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Three anti-paint

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First, the product introduction

Three anti-paint is a specially formulated coating to protect the circuit board from the environment. Thereby extending the service life of electronic products, increasing the safety factor and ensuring the safety and reliability of product use. The increasingly widespread use of electronic products in daily life, combined with the use of three anti-paint common film allows manufacturers to effectively improve product quality, reduce the cost of expensive warranty period, the use of three anti-paint is also from the original high-tech field The printed circuit boards are slowly coming to the civilian and commercial sectors.

The three anti-paints have outstanding "moisture proof", "mold proof" and "anti-salt fog" properties, can produce transparent protective film on various printed circuit boards, good waterproof performance, in the humid environment, the paint film still does not lose Its good dielectric properties; strong oxidation resistance, thermal stability, anti-aging, can withstand a variety of different concentrations of acid, alkali, salt corrosion; can be cured at room temperature or low temperature, the film is dense and bright, Strong adhesion and decorative.

Second, the common three anti-paint types

Serial number

Three paint types




Acrylic based

Good adhesion

Transparent and clear

The modulus of the material is wide

easy to rework

Good moisture resistance

Highest working temperature

poor wear resistance

Low mechanical strength

Limited anti-solvent effects

usually contains solvents



Softer, cohesive

General use

Can fix

Alkaline resistance

Highest working temperature

high solvent content

Resistance is low


silicone rubber


Low Tg

High temperature performance

low modulus

moisturizing at room temperature

Good moisture resistance

Low cohesion

may cause pollution

poor wear resistance

The effect of partial solvent resistance is poor


modified acrylic + polyurethane

Rapid Thermal Curing

Fast UV curing

solvent free, low VOC 

Good adhesion to solder mask

Good interfacial wetting ability

Most is two-component

Short shelf life

high price


Third, the method of use

1, manual coating - brush / spray
No equipment investment is required, masking is required, efficiency is not high, and bubbles, corrugations, and thickness are not uniform.

2, dip coating
Not suitable for UV or two-component products, masking, simple operation, complete coating.
3. Mechanical coating - selective coating
High efficiency, large equipment investment, accurate and economical.

Fourth, the curing process

Serial number

Curing method



Room temperature curing

1) Solvent evaporation and curing

  • Easy to use

  • commonly used in sprays

  • longer curing time

2) Moisture curing

It can make the product cure more thoroughly, and it can also cure the product in the shadow part, usually silicone products


Heat curing

Promote deep curing of chemical cross-linking to increase productivity


UV curing

Fast curing, high efficiency with shadow phenomenon, equipment investment

Five, the selection factor

Clear purpose: moisture-proof? anti-static? dust-proof? High and low temperature resistance? Can it be repaired?
Gluing method: manual? machine? Spraying? Dip coating?
Curing method: UV? Room temperature? heating?
Other: Coating hardness?
Coating thickness (standard: 0.025---0.21 mm)?

Sixth, application areas

Civil and commercial applications: washing machines, refrigerators, soya-bean milk machines, coffee machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, bathroom electronics, electric vehicles, induction cookers, charging piles, electric welding machines, etc.
Automotive Industry: Computer Control Systems, Automotive Electronics
Aerospace: satellite systems, military control systems, flight line control systems
Navigation sea: navigation system, radar control system
Electronics industry: LED display, solar energy, instrumentation, power supply, frequency converter, medical equipment, anti-theft fire alarm device

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