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Thermal interface material

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(1) Thermal grease series


First, the product introduction

Only special thermal grease product introduction (1.0W~5.0W)
The thermal paste is a high-performance paste based on a silicone matrix and is used in chip components such as CPUS and GPUS where heat dissipation is required. Its excellent wettability allows it to quickly fill in the micropores of the interface, reducing the interface thermal resistance.

Second, the main push products

Thermal grease 3.5W
3.5W is a high-performance thermal paste based on a silicone matrix that is used in chip components such as CPUs and GPUs where heat dissipation is required. Its excellent wettability allows it to quickly fill the pores of the interface, greatly reducing the interface thermal resistance. 3.5W The performance is stable, it will not dry and hard under normal storage conditions, and the thixotropy is good, which is beneficial to customers.

Third, characteristics and advantages

    Thermal conductivity up to 3.5W/mk
    Excellent interface wetting performance
    Can form a very thin interface layer at the rough interface
    Low thermal resistance
    Easy to work

Fourth, the application field

    Heat transfer between semiconductor and heat sink
    Heat conduction between the power pack and the base
    Heat transfer between CPUs, GPUs and heat sinks
    Heat conduction of PC, NB, LED, power supply, communication products
    Interface heat conduction of LED heating element

(2) Thermal pad series


First, the product introduction
Only special thermal insulation gasket product introduction (1.0W~5.0W)
Thermal pad--- is a soft and variable-gap gap-filled thermal pad, which exhibits low thermal resistance at low pressure due to its good thermal conductivity, while eliminating components The air between the board and the board is filled with a variety of rough surfaces.
Second, the main push products
Thermal pad 3.0W
3.0W is a gap-filled thermal pad with a thermal conductivity of 3.0W/mK and a low thermal resistance at low pressures. At the same time, the product is relatively soft and can fully fill all kinds of electronic components with surface roughness.
Third, characteristics and advantages
     Thermal conductivity up to 3.0W/mk
     High flexibility
     Low thermal resistance at low pressure
    Excellent self-adhesive properties
Fourth, the application field
     Semiconductor heat sink
     Communication equipment
     Graphics card
     Memory storage module
     LED lighting equipment
     Desktop computer, laptop, web server
     Power supply equipment
     LCD and plasma TV

(3) Thermal mud series


First, the product introduction (1.0W ~ 6.0W)
Thermally conductive mud is a silicone resin filled polymer that is not fluid. This interface material fits well with the parts that can be used under very low pressure, and the thermal resistance is very low.
Second, the main push products
Thermal mud 3.0W
3.0W is a soft silicone-based thermally conductive gap-filling material with high thermal conductivity, low interfacial thermal resistance and good thixotropic properties. It is an ideal material for applications with large gap tolerances. It is filled between the electronic components to be cooled and the heat sink/housing, etc., making them in close contact, reducing the thermal resistance, and quickly and effectively reducing the temperature of the electronic components, thereby extending the life of the electronic components and improving their reliability. 3.0W can be applied by hand or by dispensing equipment.
Third, characteristics and advantages
Contrast thermal paste:
    1The viscosity is large, and the dispensing automation can be realized.
    2 can be applied to the environment with poor surface flatness of the thermal interface
    3 after dispensing, no flow, no sag, no dry, easy to transport
Contrast thermal pad:
    1 No need to cut into a fixed shape, no manual placement, automatic construction
    2 filled the thermal spray gasket can not produce very thin technical process
    3 lower hardness, can form minimum interface thermal resistance with increasing pressure
    4 lower oil yield, better protection of components
    5 better thixotropy, can better fill small gap heat conduction space
Fourth, the application field
    Mobile phone industry (Apple, Huawei, Cool)
    Communication industry (base stations, switches, etc.)
    Set-top box, handheld electronic device (micro projector)
    Vehicle communication electronic equipment

(4) Phase change material series


First, the main push products
Phase change material series 3.7W
3.7W is a thermally conductive phase change material with a phase transition temperature of 50oC. DM-350 is a solid sheet at room temperature. It is fluid after the phase transition temperature. It has excellent wettability and compressibility. It can be cut into various sizes according to customer's requirements. It is attached to the heat sink and power consumption type. Between electronic devices. Fill the gap between the heat source and the heat sink to minimize thermal resistance. Product 3.7W has high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance and excellent reliability.
Second, characteristics and advantages
     Thermal conductivity up to 3.7W/mk
     Solid at room temperature, liquid after phase transition temperature
     Self-adhesive and easy to use
Third, the application area
     High-power LED, computer industry CPU and other applications with high heat dissipation requirements
     Communication equipment, wireless station
     Power converter
     Memory module and chip

(5) Conductive adhesive series


First, the main push products
Conductive glue
VITAL single-component RTV conductive glue is a room temperature curing conductive elastomer filled with characteristic conductive particles. It can be cured at room temperature at 50% humidity for 24 hours. The curing time is shortened with the curing temperature and ambient humidity. . The cured product has excellent elasticity and electrical conductivity and is very suitable for on-site molded electromagnetic sealing gaskets. The copper-plated silver particles used have excellent electrical conductivity and thus provide good electromagnetic shielding properties. Moreover, it has good adhesion to various substrates such as conductive coating film, die, casting, and metal plating.
Second, characteristics and advantages
Rubber elastic one pair of repeated compression deformation has excellent recovery characteristics, the compression ratio can be used at 10-50%, and the recommended compression ratio is 30%.
Third, the application area
     Indoor and outdoor installation of communication equipment
     Mobile phone
     Medical equipment
     Portable test and calibration equipment
     Electrostatic shielding
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