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First, the product introduction

Victaulic solder paste is completely self-developed and has a number of national invention patents. Weite's series of no-clean lead-free solder paste is a solder paste that is developed according to IPC and JIS and other international standards to meet future environmental requirements. It uses a new rosin resin and composite anti-oxidation technology, and uses a low-oxidation sphere. Solder alloy powder and paste-like environmentally friendly flux with strong chemical stability. Suitable for all kinds of precision welding in the electronic assembly process SMT production.

We only have a wide range of solder pastes, including mobile phone special solder paste, chip semiconductor package solder paste, LED special solder paste, thermal module low temperature solder paste and so on. The alloy has a melting point of up to 138 °C and a maximum of 287 °C. The alloys are available in a wide range of alloys to suit a wide range of industries and products.

Second, solder paste characteristics


Product Series


Application field

Electronic assembly solder paste

Universal lead-free solder paste system

Superior continuous printability, reflow process window width
Low residue, full solder on the solder joint, bright
High surface insulation resistance and low void ratio

This product can be used with bare copper, gold plate, tin plate, OSP and other surface-treated PCB boards and other lead-free solder alloy components in computer motherboards, graphics cards, communication equipment, audio and video equipment, refrigeration equipment, vehicle equipment, instruments. Wide use of instruments, medical equipment, etc.

Ultra-fine pitch printing paste series

Very fine pitch printing, full tin, good anti-collapse, strong anti-oxidation ability
Very low voiding rate and good weldability
Good ICT test performance

Mobile phones, video cameras, precision medical instruments, avionics, etc.

Lead solder paste series

Good wettability, long-term printing is not easy to dry
Anti-stamp performance is good, it is not easy to create voids
Strong vertical climbing ability, continuous multi-chip printing without wiping the stencil
Low residual, high impedance

Electronic products such as communication, IT, security, medical equipment, toys, etc.

LED solder paste

LED special solder paste series

Excellent solderability, full tin on solder joints, bright, strong tin-transparent, low soldering failure rate
High surface insulation resistance and reliable electrical performance
This product has less residue and light residual color

This product can be widely used with LED display, LED power supply and LED peripheral products.

Low temperature solder paste

Through hole low temperature solder paste series

Low melting point, suitable for different printing processes
Excellent printability, good wettability, bright solder joints
Wide process and fast printing
LED components, tuner, FPC flexible cable, charging
Electrical appliances, toys and other electronic products

Bulk module solder paste series

Low melting point, low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity
Good fluidity and high welding strength
Wide welding process window, low bubble and void rate

This product can be used with lead-free low-temperature solder alloy components in high-power LED components, heat sinks, high-frequency heads, FPC flexible cables, components that are not resistant to high temperatures, and electronic appliances that require multiple reflow soldering circuit board soldering. widely used.

Chip, semiconductor package solder paste

Chip package solder paste series

High thermal conductivity, low residual, low void
Bright solder joints, high strength, no corrosion
Good dispensing and printing process

The solid crystal solder paste is suitable for all small, medium and high power LED lamp bead packages with solderable metal, such as plating: Au, Cu, Ni, Ag and other solderable metal layers.

Component package solder paste series

High melting point, high strength, low void
Less residue, easy to clean
Good dispensing and printing process

It is suitable for package welding of power tube, diode, three-stage tube, thyristor, rectifier, small integrated circuit, etc. It has long printing, bright solder joint and low porosity, and can meet printing and automatic dispensing.


Third, the application guide

1, save and use
The product should be sealed and stored at 2-10 ° C with a shelf life of 6 months (from the date of production).
The solder paste should be removed from the freezer before use. Leave the bottle cap open and leave it at room temperature. To achieve complete heat balance,
It is recommended to have a warm-up time of at least 4 hours.
After returning to the temperature, the solder paste should be thoroughly stirred by a manual or solder paste automatic mixer for 1-3 minutes before use, so that the solder paste and the solder alloy powder are thoroughly stirred to avoid unevenness caused by storage. The specific mixing time should be based on the stirring speed,
The ambient temperature and other factors are determined.
Do not use used solder paste in the same container as unused solder paste. After the solder paste is opened, if there is any solder paste left in the jar, it should not be placed in the air. The lid should be tightened as soon as possible.

2, printing
The recommended printing parameters for solder paste are as follows:
Scraper: stainless steel scraper or polyurethane scraper
Scraper printing angle: 40 ° ~ 60 °
Printing method: suitable for manual printing, semi-automatic or fully automatic machine printing
Printing speed: 20 ~ 100mm / sec
Printing residence time: After solder paste printing, component placement and soldering should be completed as soon as possible, and the residence time should not exceed 12 hours.
In order to avoid affecting component placement and soldering effect temperature/humidity: temperature 25±5°C, relative humidity 50±10%

3, point coating
The appropriate needle can be selected and the appropriate air pressure adjusted according to the size of the product and the dispensing speed.

4, packaging
Bottled 500g package;
Syringes: 10g / support, 30g / support, 100g / support, 200g / support, 500g / support, 1250g / support can also be packaged according to customer needs. 

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