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First, the product introduction
Victaulic solder paste is completely self-developed and has a number of national invention patents. Weite's series of no-clean lead-free solder paste is a solder paste that is developed according to IPC and JIS and other international standards to meet future environmental requirements. It uses a new rosin resin and composite anti-oxidation technology, and uses a low-oxidation sphere. Solder alloy powder and paste-like environmentally friendly flux with strong chemical stability. Suitable for all kinds of precision welding in the electronic assembly process SMT production.
We only have a wide range of solder pastes, including mobile phone special solder paste, chip semiconductor package solder paste, LED special solder paste, thermal module low temperature solder paste and so on. The alloy has a melting point of up to 138 °C and a maximum of 287 °C. The alloys are available in a wide range of alloys to suit a wide range of industries and products.
Second, solder paste characteristics


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Electrical Assembly Solder Paste