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Solder paste 2

The product should be sealed and stored at 2-10 ° C with a shelf life of 6 months (from the date of production).
The solder paste should be removed from the freezer before use. Leave the bottle cap open and leave it at room temperature. To achieve complete heat balance,

Solder paste

Victaulic solder paste is completely self-developed and has a number of national invention patents. Weite's series of no-clean lead-free solder paste is a solder paste that is developed according to IPC and JIS and other international standards to meet future environmental requirements. It uses a new rosin resin and composite anti-oxidation technology, and uses a low-oxidation sphere. Solder alloy powder and paste-like environmentally friendly flux with strong chemical stability. Suitable for all kinds of precision welding in the electronic assembly process SMT production.

Solder ball

In order to adapt to the development of modern microelectronics industry, as an important auxiliary material for BGA and CSP in IC production, solder balls are widely used in modern microelectronics. They are notebook computers, mobile communication devices, computer motherboards, light-emitting diodes, liquid crystal displays, PDAs, The technical auxiliary materials necessary for the production of functional ICs, such as digital camera, play a vital role in the miniaturization process of large-scale integrated circuits. At present, the market demand for solder balls is very large, with an annual growth rate of nearly 90%. In particular, high-precision, small-diameter solder balls are seriously out of stock.

Thermal interface material

Only special thermal grease product introduction (1.0W~5.0W)
The thermal paste is a high-performance paste based on a silicone matrix and is used in chip components such as CPUS and GPUS where heat dissipation is required. Its excellent wettability allows it to quickly fill in the micropores of the interface, reducing the interface thermal resistance.

Preformed solder tab

In the existing SMT process, the thickness of the alloy used for soldering in the solder paste is only half of the volume of the solder paste, so sometimes the solder paste cannot provide sufficient solder amount, solder joint strength and solder coverage. The situation can not meet the requirements. Many problems, such as proper hole filling, SMT package pin coplanarity, and RF patch warpage, generally require more solder to achieve acceptable mechanical reliability.

Three anti-paint

Three anti-paint is a specially formulated coating to protect the circuit board from the environment. Thereby extending the service life of electronic products, increasing the safety factor and ensuring the safety and reliability of product use. The increasingly widespread use of electronic products in daily life, combined with the use of three anti-paint common film allows manufacturers to effectively improve product quality, reduce the cost of expensive warranty period, the use of three anti-paint is also from the original high-tech field The printed circuit boards are slowly coming to the civilian and commercial sectors.

Water-based cleaning agent

Water-based cleaning agent is compounded by a scientific ratio of surfactants, emulsifiers, penetrants, corrosion inhibitors, chelating agents, etc., and is moisturized by surfactants, emulsifiers, penetrants, etc. , emulsification, infiltration, dispersion, solubilization, etc. to achieve the cleaning of oil and grease.


Solder bar

Weite Tin Bar products are made of high-purity raw tin, refined by international advanced manufacturing methods and under strict process control. They are fully compliant with IPC and national standards, and various metal alloy components can be produced.
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