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Employee Development

Employee Development

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I. What can I do for everyone?

    We provide our employees with a lifelong career in materials and spirit.
    We provide employees with training programs and career development plans for Inamori's philosophy.
    We have an internal training mechanism and adhere to the development of excellent employees and internal promotion system.

Second, complete training system

1, our team of lecturers
    is a senior expert in the field of consulting and consulting in Shenzhen solder paste, flux, thermal interface materials, etc.
    is an experienced marketing guru from Victaulic Marketing, with extensive practical experience;
    The company currently has more than 20 internal lecturers, and undertakes the development and teaching tasks of professional courses involving the company's main business direction.

2, only special training course system
    On-the-job training
    Industry Outlook and Corporate Culture
    Job responsibilities and system documents
    Industry Basics
    Product and Application Technology Training
    Company related systems and professional knowledge and skills training

3, only special training camp
    "Six Progressive"
    Business Transaction Skills Series
    Product Knowledge, Risk Control Series
    Traditional Culture

4, Wei Te even empty bar
    Birthday party
    Incentive Movie
    Knee exchange, guidance
    Dinner, sharing

5, middle management training
    Only special manager behavior guidelines
    Team Management Process
    Amoeba management

6, vocational skills training
    Business etiquette
    Workplace mix and character color
    Workplace Communication Skills

three, broad promotion space

90% of the company's middle and senior management cadres are internally trained and promoted. With your own efforts and professional capabilities, you will be the next new star.

Four, employee benefits

    filial piety
    Working age salary
    Excellent employee rewards
    Old staff service 5, 10, 15 years of care rewards
    Five insurance and one gold, such as social insurance, housing provident fund
    Holiday Welfare Items
    Buying a home offer
    Deep Household Indicators
    Traveling out (quarterly departmental travel, annual employee travel)
    National statutory commuting time and holidays + annual leave
    Mutual Funds
    Helping objects and conditions:
    1. The employee himself is seriously ill, and the medical expenses exceed 5,000 yuan;
    2. Staff spouse, parents or children are seriously ill, medical expenses exceed 10,000 yuan;
    3, employees or their families suffered natural disasters.


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